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The Social Affairs Bureau and Farmers' Associations Launch a Half-Day Incentive Trip with the Elderly during Elderly Month
The Taichung City Government Social Affairs Bureau today (the 6th) organized the first natural experience event for the 2021 Elderly Month for the elderly and family members to go out. Director General Peng Hui-Chan attended the event and accompanied the elderly to learn gardening, visit the market and spend the weekend holiday. At the venue, more than 40 senior citizens included those from the mountain area of the Evangelical Lutheran Free Church of Taiwan, R.O.C and from other districts of Taichung came. Gathering in the mountain area of Xinshe, the elderly smiled and praised the trip as a warm and inspiring activity for them.
Director General Peng said that during the Level 3 alert of the pandemic earlier, the elderly chose to stay home on safety concerns and relevant services were provided via video conferencing and telephone. Hence, the Social Affairs Bureau arranged this outdoor trip after the pandemic was winding down by especially working with the Taichung's local farmers' association and more than 200 friendly shops in the beginning of the Elderly Month in October. In the mountain area, six events of nature experience were especially arranged for the senior citizens for them to eat and exercise healthily. In the Month of the Elderly, the Taichung City Government would like to pay its respect to the elderly and generously thanked the support of all the invited farmers' associations that made the event more valuable.
Held at the Purple Windmill in Xinshe, today's event invited the Vice Researcher of the Propagation Technology Section of the Taiwan Seed Improvement and Propagation, the Council of Agriculture, the Executive Yuan, Lo Ying-Fei, to instruct DIY activities of grass head doll and moss ball art. Additionally, at the site, there was a farmers' market organized by the farmers' associations and friendly shops to offer several DIY, shopping, agricultural education, gardening and plantation and healthy diet activities to promote natural ways for preventive health. There will be seminars on healthy diets that introduce local produce, like mushrooms, on November 10th and agricultural education of Hakka cuisine preparation in Ruankengbei Recreational Agriculture Area in Dongshi. All senior citizens are welcome to jointly create beautiful memories. Please register on the website: https://lin.ee/12AcBvT .
The Bureau pointed out that after Mayor's inauguration, she resumed subsidies given to health insurance of the elderly. Therefore, each senior citizen in Taichung is eligible to receive the maximum subsidy amount of NT$826. The Taichung City Government will continuously upgrade services of the Senior Citizen Card for the elderly to take the Taichung MRT, city bus, highway bus and taxi. They can go to work out at the national sports center and see a doctor at the contracted clinics and enjoy a discount of NT$50. Tax subsidies starting from this year increased from NT$50 to NT$85 per trip. Furthermore, the Taichung City Government was devoted to the preventive care system for the elderly in the community and by the end of September, 438 care stations were set up in communities for the elderly to participate in health promotion and enjoy meals together. For the elderly with sub-health issues and minor dementia, the Evergreen Energy Academy provides courses on fitness, diet management and brain activation to help the elderly to cope with aging problems.
The Social Affairs Bureau said from now to December 31, when shopping at friendly shops with the senior citizen logo or poster and presenting the Elderly card, a consumer can enjoy exclusive discounts. Some friendly shops at the same time joined lucky draws of the Taichung Shopping Festival. With the card, more incentives are given. For more information on the elderly health life consumption, please visit the website of the Social Affairs Bureau ( https://www.society.taichung.gov.tw/1888216/post ) or call the service hotline at 04-22985258 extn. 502.


Updated:2021-11-30 16:09:00