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Independence Cultivation Base helps build dreams- Taichung City’s social-labor collaboration project assists disadvantaged group employment
  Independence Cultivation Base enhances social-labor collaboration
As it is relatively difficult for economically disadvantaged individuals to find jobs due to their limited access to resources, the Social Affairs Bureau and Labor Affairs Bureau of Taichung City Government have adopted a horizontal integration strategy to exert synergy. Starting from February, dedicated appointment slots for Independence Cultivation Base plans will be offered to citizens to discuss their dream building plan with social workers and employment services personnel. From unemployed to job-seeking then to job ready, disadvantaged individuals will be assisted with a series of services that help them to get employment and become independent.
The Social Affairs Bureau indicated that a part of economic disadvantaged individuals had little incentive to work or felt frustrated with their jobs due to insufficient pre-service preparation. In the past, social workers would accompany them, provide them with counseling services and help them to take career coaching and financial management courses. Nevertheless, as citizens’ demands are becoming more diversified and complicated day after day, an integration of resources from all aspects is required. Therefore, Social Affairs Bureau established Independence Cultivation Base to strengthen labor relations and help disadvantaged group to tackle job seeking issues and build employment confidence.
Social Affairs Bureau shared a story: Hsiao-I, a single parent who takes care of two children alone, joined the Independent Family Dream Building Program and a social worker was designated to accompany her since then. Suggested by her friend, Hsiao-i started to learn barista skills and often made coffee in class or during activities in order to share it with teachers and members. Now, Hsiao-i prepares to start a business with her friend and hopes that her dream will come true.
The Social Affairs Bureau expressed that it had given 203 referrals to the Labor Affairs Bureau, and 105 of them (51.7%) succeeded in finding a job. If economic disadvantaged citizens are willing to find a job, they can join the Family Resilience Companionship Program or Independent Family Dream Building Program to build their employment skills through resources arranged by social workers; the Youth Employment Incentive Program and the Employment Assistance Program for Disadvantaged Labors are employment incentive mechanisms offered in the beginning stage of employment; and the Youth Cultivation Program takes effect when the employment becomes stable. For those who have received social and labor services or joined related programs, their additional income during the service period may be exempted from the family’s total revenue so that the family’s qualification for social welfare remains unaffected and it helps individual wealth accumulation, which contributes towards gaining impendence. The Labor Affairs Bureau expressed that, to encourage more disadvantaged labors to actively look for a job and get employed, the newly amended Working Guidelines for Employment Assistance to Disadvantage Labor not only loosened eligibility criteria for employment incentives and grants, but also doubled the incentive amount. For example, those who are employed through the referral services provided by Taichung City Employment Services Office and has been insured as a full-time worker will receive an employment incentive of NT$3,000 after staying employed for 1 month; and NT$9,000 after staying employed for 3 months. In total, people who meet the above qualification can receive a maximum of NT$12,000. It is hoped that this measure will inspire and encourage more disadvantaged individuals to proactively look for jobs and obtain stable employment.
The Labor Affairs Bureau explained that the Public Welfare Lottery Fund received by Taichung City Government from the Ministry of Health and Welfare had been used to subsidize employment services. The purpose is to provide sufficient assistance, including employment referrals and counseling services, to economically disadvantaged individuals who are willing and capable to work; and to help the unemployed who have the ability to work to successfully enter the employment market, so that their family will obtain stable income and escape poverty. Citizens of Taichung City who come from a low-income or low-middle-income household and is capable and willing to work may contact the Social Affairs Bureau (Social workers: 04-22289111 Ext.3720-Wang or Ext. 37235-Chiang) and the Labor Affairs Bureau (Senior social worker: 04-22289111 Ext.36206-Kao) of Taichung City Government for more information.
Independence Cultivation Base enhances social-labor collaboration


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