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Critical Blood Shortage in Winter! Taichung City Government and Gold Jewel Gem Co. Co-Organize Blood Drive to Propagate Love
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Due to recent cold weather, blood supply at blood donation centers is alarmingly low. Currently, only type B blood has a reserve of 7 days, type A, O, and AB blood are all in short supply. In light of medical demand for blood during the Chinese New Year, Taichung Social Affairs Bureau (SAB) and Gold Jewel Gem Co. co-organized a blood drive aboard blood donation buses at Taichung Park (square in by the intersection of Ziyou Rd. and Gongyuan Rd.), as well as the parking lot opposite Zhongxing Hall on 1/4. SAB Director-General Peng Huai-Chen and Gold Jewel Gem Co. Chairman Wu Chung-Yung appealed to the public to achieve the target of 3,000 bags of blood, encouraging more benevolent citizens to donate blood!
According to Gold Jewel Gem Co. Chairman Wu, 7 blood donation buses have been arranged at 2 separate locations for the blood drive before the Chinese New Year. Besides attracting 1,610 blood donors, 3,000 free steak coupons will be given to successful blood donors to reward their benevolence with gourmet food.
SAB Director-General Peng commented that this year marks the 12th blood drive co-hosted by SAB and Gold Jewel Gem Co. Donating blood is an act of benevolence, so Peng expressed his gratitude to the public for their love and strength in supporting the cause with a positive attitude. He also thanked Chairman Wu for giving back to society by supporting the Taichung Love Food Bank on a long-term basis. Each year, the value of infant, toddler, and adult powdered milk, diapers, rice, canned food, and instant food mixes donated exceeds NT$1 million, helping more people in need. City Councilor Shen You-Lien also made an appearance to support the event.


Updated:2020-01-10 16:27:00