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The Virtual Award Recognition Ceremony Held Today in Taichung for Model Seniors and Volunteers
  The Themed Course at the Caring Site- Indigo Blue Dyeing
To recognize model seniors and volunteers at community care sites, the Taichung City Social Affairs Bureau today (22nd) organized the "Shine Stars-Volunteer Award Recognition" event. This year 358 individuals received awards and among them, 156 were model seniors, 127 were senior volunteers and 75 were volunteers with special contributions. Due to pandemic control and prevention, the event was held online for the first time. The Taichung City Social Affairs Bureau played a film featuring Mayor Lu Shiow-Yen and Director General of the Bureau, Peng Huai-Chen who congratulated all the award winners. Surprise guests including Long Chien-Yu, Chi Bao-Ru and Tang Ling were also present to thank the award winners.
Mayor Lu in the film pointed out that the Taichung City Government planned continuous, comprehensive and accessible services for the seniors while community care sites were the service front liners. Voluntary services are the cornerstone of those sites. Although physical services at these sites were temporarily suspended due to the pandemic, yet volunteers still made phone calls to care for the senior in communities and designed online courses with creativity to let the seniors feel the warmth when staying at home.
According to Director General Peng, the "Global Views Monthly" ranked Taichung No. 2 for hours of volunteering services in Taiwan and No. 1 among six major municipalities in its 2021 overall competitiveness of cities and counties around Taiwan. Taichung was top 1 with the highest number of senior welfare services. At present, Taichung City set up 438 community care stops as the important resource network to promote local aging prevention. Volunteers make selfless contributions and bring warmth and love to the seniors and they are important support to the health of the seniors.
The Bureau said in today's award recognition film, three model seniors were interviewed and among them, the eldest award winner was 97-year old Grandma Hsiung Cheng Chuan-Juan, from the Liancun Community Development in Fengyuan. Although she is disabled physically, but she has a smart brain. She loves to sing songs of Teresa Teng and often sings to others. The other senior model was 93-year old Grandpa Lin Da-His from Lincuo Community Development Association in Xitun Area who actively participates in courses offered at the community care site and his active learning attitude inspires many senior friends.
In addition, Mei Chin-Yi, the 93-year old Grandpa who comes from the Xincheng Community Development Association in Taiping District is a veteran and always wears a warm smile. He is also an expert in information products. He often uses social media such as Facebook to acquire knowledge and interact with friends.
The Bureau pointed out that Taichung City has been devoted to the promotion of preventive care for the health of the seniors over the past 16 years. Health promotion services at community care sites included muscle strength, technology knowledge and beneficial inter-generational relations. During the pandemic, virtual health promotion courses were developed to encourage the seniors to learn and remain energetic for active and healthy aging.
Furthermore, besides community care service sites, Taichung City continuously promotes welfare related to the seniors including subsidies given to health insurance of the seniors to lessen the burden on their children. Senior academies organized more than 1,000 courses, services of the senior love card were upgraded, subsidies to each taxi trip was increased from NT$50 to NT$80 to encourage the seniors to go out more often Through health promotion and social participation, Taichung City will be jointly built into a "warm, lovely and livable" city.


Updated:2021-10-29 16:24:00