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Commend exemplary mothers and ignite the power of women: Mayor Lu wishes all mothers a happy Mother’s Day
Mother’s Day is around the corner. Considering the severity of the pandemic, Taichung City Government has to cancel the Mayor and the exemplary mothers’ group photo event. Instead, district offices will, on behalf of the Mayor, gift a commemorative photo frame and a brochure to exemplary mothers. In the brochure, Mayor Lu delivers a warm message to mothers. Mayor Lu says that as a career-driven woman, she fully understands the pressure of a career and taking care of her family. This is the reason that Mayor Lu proactively promotes gender equality and encourages women to pursue their dreams and realize their selves. Mayor Lu also asks that all mothers to pay more attention and love to their health because a family will be happy only if the mother is happy. The Mayor then wishes all mothers who have been devoting themselves to their families a happy Mother’s Day!
The Social Affairs Bureau points out that the 29 exemplary mothers selected from Taichung City’s 29 districts this year have some touching stories. For example, Ms Wu Huang Bao from Dajia District once lived in the days of material scarcity and, although it was difficult for her family to have enough food and warm clothes, she used to share food with passers-by who suffered from famine. Her children who were young at the time often complained and she always smiled at them and said “It is our fortune to be able to help the others. It is more blessed to give than to receive.” Today, Ms Wu Huang is 91 years old. As she often helps others, she is in the happiest state of mind and is very healthy till today. Her children who learned from her good deeds also cast their bread upon the waters in corners of the society.
Ms Lin Yen Yin from Longjing District engaged in teaching for more than 40 years. After her retirement, she went to Brisbane, Australia with her children to learn ink painting and she also delved into calligraphy. At age of 80, Ms Lin Yen held an art exhibition and the income from the exhibition sales was donated to Long Cyan Elementary School for disadvantaged children's school lunch. At age of 90, Ms Lin Yen held another art exhibition, in Australia this time, and the income was donated to the construction of a temple. Upholding the spirit of “never stop learning”, Ms Lin Yen has reached her full potential to contribute to society and spared no effort in helping people.
Ms Hsiao Hui-ling living in Xitun District has been taking care of her husband ever since his car accident. In the year before last, her husband suffered from retinal detachment and became almost blind after the surgery. She accompanied her husband in joining orienteering and mobile phone voice control classes, helping him to learn to use a white cane. Apart from accompanying her husband, Ms Hsiao is passionate about volunteering and is often seen as a volunteer in schools and the community.
Ms Tung Cheng Pao-yueh who lives in West District received assistance from the Lifeline Association. This is the reason that she started to help others and became a sponsor of the Taiwan Fund for Children and Families (TFCF). Over the last 40 years, she has assisted and encouraged countless children, helping them to go to school and find a job. She even hosted the wedding of her sponsored child. Ms Tung Cheng currently serves at Hondao Senior Citizen’s Welfare Foundation as the head of the Zhongxi Office to share the love with others and enrich the lives of elderly people. She says that she has gained indescribable happiness from the process of helping others and therefore involves in more charity works, hoping to help even more people with her own strengths.
The Social Affairs Bureau expresses that many exemplary mothers have been proactive in expanding the traditional role of women and have shown their unique charm and colors of life. The Bureau says that the city government will continue to improve the well-being of women and build a happy and warm city. Starting from today until May 12, you can visit the Bureau’s Facebook Fanpage “Love in the society brings warmth to Taichung” to read the four stories about the City’s exemplary mothers and how they ignite the power of women. Please visit the Fanpage and share their stories with others to celebrate the greatness of mothers together
The exemplary mother of West District Tung Cheng Pao-yueh


Updated:2022-05-12 09:43:00