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Thriving Feminine Power! Mayor Lu Commends 38 Outstanding Resilient Women From Taichung City
Taichung City Social Affairs Bureau (SAB) and Luchuan Women's Welfare Center co-hosted the "You Are Marvelous! 2020 Taichung City Resilient Women Experience Sharing Press Conference" today (March 6), where Mayor Lu Shiow-Yen awarded 38 women's representatives with the Medal of Resilience. According to Lu, the lives of these 38 women can be compared to clamshells, where they are constantly challenged by sand. By embracing and overcoming the challenges, they become refined and ultimately turn into lustrous pearls! The mayor used this analogy to encourage everyone to keep on working diligently.
Lu mentioned as the only female mayor of the 6 major cities in Taiwan, she can appreciate the difficulties faced by women. Despite heightened awareness of gender equality in modern society, women remain at a disadvantage, where they often have to strike a balance between work and taking care of the family. Consequently, the city government places tremendous emphasis on women's rights and gender equality, and she often convenes gender-relate meetings personally to foster gender equality.
SAB Director-General Peng Huai-Chen commented that the 38 women who received commendations today come from diverse backgrounds including new immigrants, women with special needs, and disabled women. Through their perseverance and assistance from the city government, they can finally push through their predicaments in life. By sharing their struggles, it is hoped to offer people with inspirations and encourage disadvantaged women.
A Ru, one of the resilient women representatives, shared that she has to raise 4 children on her own; after losing 2 daughters and her son become a drug addict, she was diagnosed with depression and committed suicides several times without success. She expressed her gratitude to the city government and private organizations for helping to rehabilitate her son's drug abuse problem, thereby allowing her to recover from depression. Now, she and her son are both volunteers hoping to make contributions to society.
According to the SAB, the 1F of the Huizhong Building at Taichung City Hall on Taiwan Boulevard is currently hosting renowned artist Lun's artwork 100 Looks of Contemporary Women in Taiwan and the stories of 38 award-winning women until late March as part of the Thriving Women's Power – 2020 Taichung Resilient Women's exhibition. Visitors coming to experience the interactive check-in wall will receive the 100 Looks of Contemporary Women in Taiwan postcard. Everyone is invited!
For further details, please refer to the official website of Taichung City Women's Welfare Center (http://www.tc-women.org.tw/) or call the Luchuan Women's Welfare Center (04-22800015), our staff will be glad to assist you. Mayor Lu Shiow-Yen, SAB Director-General Peng Huai-Chen, City Councilors Hsu Hsuan-Feng, and Liu Shih-Chou, as well as Taichung Warm Life Association Director Kao Mei-Hui and Taichung Kaihuai Association Director Chou Ping all turned out for the press conference.


Updated:2020-03-17 10:40:00